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Psilocybin Legislation

No matter where we come from or what our background, we all deserve common sense psilocybin legislation. For many of us, that means state-level reform.

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When you join Psilo, you join a community of like-minded individuals from Memphis to Nashville to Chattanooga who believe that common sense psilocybin is not only needed but possible if we all work together.


We thrive on shared values and a shared vision for common sense psilocybin legislation.

Invest in Our Efforts.

We are creating a model state bill. Your financial donation could lead to common sense legislation throughout the midwest and southern states.

We are raising funds to create a proposed bill to reschedule psilocybin at the state level and create a pathway for universities to pursue psilocybin assisted psychotherapy.  

Our goal is raise $5,000 to pay for the bill. Once we have a proposed bill, we will engage in grassroots and direct lobbying.

Your support today could mean a better future for tomorrow.

Join us!

About Psilo

We're Psilo.  We are a registered non-profit dedicated to achieving common sense psilocybin legislation in the state of Tennessee.


We believe psilocybin should be removed from the Drug Scheduling because it has a low-abuse potential, accepted medical treatment and few adverse side-effects.


Love is all there is.

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