Psilocybin, cancer and the threat of imprisonment.

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

A single experience with "magic mushrooms", coupled with therapy, can provide long-lasting effects on cancer patients, according to the Journal of Psychopharmacology. The authors suggest relief up to five years. But that same magic mushroom could cost years in a Tennessee prison.

Years of relief is big news for Tennesseans because we have the 7th highest cancer death rate in the United States according to BetterTennessee. There were an estimated 14,560 Tennesseans who died of cancer in 2017.

While psilocybin has not been demonstrated to cure cancer, researchers and doctors have demonstrated that psilocybin can greatly reduce depression and anxiety in those who suffer from terminal cancer. It has also demonstrated to be far safer of a treatment than any other drug on the market for depression. No one has ever demonstrably died of psilocybin consumption.

Years of prison time is unfortunate for Tennesseans. The State of Tennessee lists psilocybin as a schedule I drug. This means that anyone, including terminally ill cancer patients seeking relief from their end-of-life depression and anxiety, can be fined thousands of dollars and placed in prison.

The only way to change these laws and their harsh punishments on patients is to remove psilocybin from list of Scheduled Drugs.

While psilocybin can be a source of great relief for many years, it can also land you in prison for many years under Tennessee laws.

If you agree that these laws should change, please become a Psilo founding member and become a monthly donor. Your presence and contributions can change Tennessee's laws for good.

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