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We thrive on shared values and a shared vision for common sense psilocybin laws.  We use our values as a moral and ethical compass. These values are invoked at length whenever possible.

Science-based Information

We value peer-reviewed scientific research for its ability to prove things false, knowing that a greater truth always transcends human experience and observation. Science can tell us what does not work and provides endless opportunities to open our eyes to a world of new possibilities.

Environmental Stewardship

We support nature’s rightful place in our modern society: a source of life and wonder. Sensible laws regarding organic compounds with medical benefits can celebrate the wonders of mother nature while helping us understand our connection to it.


We seek to form partnerships with those who have been researching, advocating, and promoting sensible psilocybin laws.  We understand that the collective is the only vehicle for change. We commit our time, resources, and material to each other. 


We must support common sense psilocybin laws that are accessible to everyone regardless of their background and we must protect those who have been unjustly persecuted due to archaic drug laws


We have honest conversations about difficult topics within our organization and outside of it.  We must be honest with our limits, capabilities and struggles.


We study the intricacies of psilocybin history, use and research so we may craft a better future for our country.

Ethics and Safety

We value ethics and safety as integral components of common sense psilocybin laws.


We work because it is fun and if it's fun, we're working!

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