We are Tennesseans who advocate for common sense psilocybin legislation.

Our Plan

We're spending 2020 growing our membership and determining the best path forward for common sense psilocybin legislation.  Unlike cities such as Denver, Oakland and Santa Cruz, cities in Tennessee cannot decriminalize because the State has made it illegal to do so. 


We know that change must come through the legislature but exactly how is yet to be determined.  With more members, we hope to find a legislative path forward for 2021.


In 2019, we officially formed our organization on the heels of psilocybin decriminalization in Denver.  We spent 6 months in 2019 forming our organization. 


We are spending 2020 recruiting people to join us as we build a grassroots movement to change psilocybin laws in Tennessee.


We will implement a legislative strategy for changing psilocybin laws. This will be fueled by our grassroots supporters and donors. Read our proposed bill here.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Love is all there is.

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